About The Founder

Like so many other Americans, without proper financial education and guidance, in his early years, Heru Nekhet struggled while chasing the American dream. However, at age 36 he used 'uncommon sense' and knowledge he gained through relationships he created with successful investors and entrepreneurs to develop a strategic plan that allowed him to eliminate a $45,000 debt he had amassed, and walk away from his job. Using the same strategies Nekhet shares with his clients and students, he was able to accumulate millions of dollars worth of real estate, and create several successful businesses

In 2004, Nekhet founded Insiders Group Inc. which is devoted to sharing "insider" financial knowledge with those that would normally be excluded from such valuable information and opportunities. He uses the skills he learned while earning his B.A. in Television and Radio Production from Brooklyn College and a M.S. in Education from Long Island University, as well as his 15 years of teaching with the NYC Department of Education, more than 20 years of martial arts mastery, and his experience as an entrepreneur and investor to create fun, exciting, hands-on, interactive training programs, seminars and individualized consulting for people that want to learn quickly and easily how to be financially free through the vehicles that have always brought fortune to America's wealthy elite – real estate investing, investing in securities and business ownership.